• Definition of WSI in Supplement 145 and Supplement 122
  • Create different multi-frame images.
  • Create a “pyramid” from the original image
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Connection with LIS and PACS

  • Different source of metadata of the image
  • Storage into standard PACS
  • Communication with WADO
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  • Easy creation and communication of DICOM images
  • DeepLearning capability in background
  • DICOM structured report ready
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DICOM in Digital Pathology

Advances in digital pathology are generating huge volumes of whole slide images which are providing opportunities for developing and evaluating new and more effective treatments that may revolutionize care of patients with cancers and other diseases. The challenge is to apply deeplearning to exploit WSI data effectively in order to analyse all the heterogeneous tissue-derived informationin conjunction to other clinical and diagnostic data.

  1. Standardization of the WSIs into DICOM format
  2. Integration of the dicomized WSI into the hospital information systems through the PACS
  3. Visualization of the dicomized WSI by a web viewer, which can also be deployed on mobile devices
  4. DICOM WSI processing with deep learning algorithms adapted to different procedures needed in anatomical pathology to diagnose specific diseases



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